September 7, 2016
10:09 am


Band photo shoot with up n coming punk pioneers They Uncultured.

They Uncultured like to make music that gets your blood pumping and your mind whirring. Each member has his own unique neurosis that malfunctions at random moments to produce a unique sound ingredient. These ingredients are then cooked together in a pot made of broken dreams, expertly adding tears of misery, apathy and joy to taste. Each song is crafted in this way to form an ear watering menu that you wont find in your local fast food joint. So feast your ears and consume They Uncultured while you can, as loud as you can and as fast as you can, when you can. Bring your tears of misery and joy and join us as we are you and you are They. Peace and love from They Uncultured.

Catch them live on 29th October @ Fighting Cocks, Kingston.

Photographer: Joel Byron