September 2, 2016
11:50 am


We met Keira in 2015 whilst searching for talented artists to collaborate with for our Super 8mm portraits.

Keira Rathbone is an established fine artist living and working in London. For over 13 years she has developed a unique drawing technique employing a manual typewriter as a drawing tool. She draws images from life using old manual typewriters, seeing each imprint as a texture or shape with which to build complete drawings.

Keira develops images based around compelling themes and often incorporate’s live audio/visual performances by typing before an audience with video projection, sound effects and collaborations with other artists.

Performance Trailer

We shared a mutual appreciation of each other’s approach to capturing life. We discussed in depth what it is that excites us about our processes and how we enjoy manipulating their functions, to filter life through our analog mediums, and what is seen/heard as a result.

We kept returning to the idea of ‘the zone’, a specific and personal place of concentration an artist reaches when deep in the creative process. So our work together is based on a reaction to the question; ‘where do you go’?

Our shoot with Keira was filmed over a few days. The studio scenes were set up in a basement under our BigPlus studio in Bethnal Green, we wanted to create an atmosphere akin to an actor under a spot light, yet also insular at the same time.

Our external scenes were filmed around London. Keira loves nature and regularly travels around setting up her Typewriter in any spot where a scene captures her imagination.

Almost fearing a contrived or too complex an outcome, we explore our mediums together as well as independently and leave some element of uncertainty to the evolving performance piece; Something similar to a freeform jam session, with loose structure, light and sound play.

Visit Keira’s new website,

'Where do you go?', 07/09/16, Vout-O-Reenee's, London, E1 8BB
Self Portrait, Keira Rathbone

The photograph’s below have been captured with a Fuji Cardia Rensha multi-lens camera. Each set is captured over a single frame of 35mm film.

Marble Hill Park, Joel Byron
Marble Hill Park, Joel Byron
Sky Garden, Joel Byron
Sky Garden, Joel Byron
View from the Sky Garden, Keira Rathbone