The BACARDÍ Legacy Cocktail Competition was established to challenge the best new bartenders in the world to create their own cocktail legacy, produce a drink that will stand the test of time and ensure both the bartender and their drink are remembered like the illustrious classic cocktails of the past.

We first worked with Bacardi Legacy recording their annual UK competition held in London. It was here that we first approached Matthew Dakers with the idea of producing a film to promote his cocktail Angels Draft.
Some month’s later… Matt was allocated his marketing budget and we got the call to meet up.

We shot the film on Tri-X black and white Super 8mm cine film then sped it up to emulate the style of a vintage Buster Keaton inspired silent movie. Needless to say Matt’s infamous cameo helped secure him a champion first place in the final’s competition, and position Angels Draft as cocktail favourite at our local Shoreditch Speak Easy!

Angels Draft - A Bacardi Legacy Cocktail
The Matinee - A Bacardi Legacy Cocktail