Plan UK works with children in the world’s poorest countries to help them build a better future. Their projects are set up to educate young people about gender equality.

Our objective was to raise awareness of the work Plan does in Ghana by producing a promotional film focused on the projects across the country.

We traveled to Ghana with Plan UK’s partners, (Clara Amfo) Kiss FM and a team from Nivea in order to produce a film focused on their campaign Because I am a Girl. Plan UK’s GMM (Girls Making Media) projects partner with local radio stations in order to spread the message of gender equality and awareness.

The film included a direct text donate call to action, and integrate with a larger campaign involving radio adverts across the UK.

Plan UK Film

‘Big Plus are flexible and creative thinkers who quickly understood Plan’s brand and values, ensuring that the film really represented who we are and what we stand for. The level of commitment to the project was incredibly impressive and we felt valued and respected throughout the process. They added a new dimension to our work through their insight and approach, giving us good advice based on their own expertise and experience. Filming in some countries can be very tough, especially when dealing with difficult issues however Joel was incredibly sensitive to the situation in Africa and engaged with everyone in a positive and empowering manner, building confidence and trust to enable us to create an in depth and effective film. Big Plus is the perfect balance of passion and professionalism.’

Georgina Parker
Innovation Manager, Plan UK